Girls Rugby

RUGBY IS FOR EVERYONE. Do not ever let anyone tell you otherwise. Big, tall, small, short, light, heavy, male, female, young, and old all have a place in this amazing game. Do you have a young girl looking for a brilliant team sport that supports all types but are not interested in co-ed tackle? Wolfpack is proud to continue our support of Girls Rugby Colorado. This fantastic organization brings all of the tremendous values of rugby to a female-only, non-contact platform. Please check them out at @girlsrubgyco on Facebook and girlsrugbyco on instagram.

Girls rugby is a grassroots organization founded in 2017 to introduce girls to the sport of rugby in a non-contact setting. The program emphasizes the core concept of "empowering girls to reach their potential through sport". Encompassing the amazing culture of Rugby with an emphasis on fun, teamwork and core values serves as the the perfect introduction to the sport.